An Overview of TradePlace, a Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

Tradeplace is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can trade various popular cryptocurrencies including  Bitcoin, Ethereum, and also other leading tokens.  This safe and easy global exchange platform provides expert reviews on the present state of coin and token pairs. It also allows its users to withdraw their funds conveniently and notifies them about the scam cryptocurrencies. It comes with an amazing forum where users can exchange ideas, share their experiences and organize a discussion on common topics with like-minded individuals.

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TradePlace is a simple yet powerful exchange platform that provides broad functionality to traders worldwide. This all-in-one platform has interactive chat rooms, experienced traders, all sorts of bots including bitcoin prime bot which is an automated trading bot that trades on behalf of traders, trading tools, etc.  In fact, it is highly advantageous for blockchain enthusiasts as it offers live chat support, live news-sharing services, and much more. With this safe and easy exchange, investors can make cryptocurrency investments from different accounts and wallets.  

Features of TradePlace

It is equipped with new and unique features that registered users can enjoy for free.  Here are some of the important features of TradePlace.

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Provides 24/7 Customer Support

It is a high-speed exchange that comes with 24/7 customer support, ease of use, low fees, and an eye-catching design.   As this exchange gives top priority to security, the users can have peace of mind by using this platform.

 Allows for User Interaction

One of the significant features that make Trade Place unique among its competitors is that it allows users to interact with each other, exchange their ideas,  conduct a discussion on topics that are relevant these days,  and also on anything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain and much more. It also comes with a live news feature, which helps users to stay up to date with the latest talk.  

Comes with Native Token

TradePlace comes with its own native token, EXTP, so that traders can utilize them to pay trading fees on the platform.  In fact, this token will be released on the Ethereum blockchain as per the ERC-20 standard and will contain all the characteristic advantages. One of the main advantages of EXTP is that the person who holds the token will get cashback and bonuses. The user who completes the KYC process is issued with a MasterCard. However, by linking exchange wallets to this Master Card, the user will be able to spend their cryptocurrency funds anywhere.

Provide Expert Reviews

TradPlace platform will provide expert reviews about different coins, tokens, and trading pairs. As the experts of TradePlace have extensive years of experience with financial markets, users can trust any reviews that they may provide.   In fact, these reviews are provided with the aim to create a good and more stable environment for cryptocurrency trading,  With these reviews,  investors will be able to make informed decisions on what to invest in and when to invest as well.


TradePlace is considered to be more advantageous than several other projects. This exchange has the ability to change the vision of traders, which in turn helps them to limit the investment risks and much more.